Tips And Tricks That Will Help You Control Your Cravings And STOP You Reaching For The Donuts, A Chocolate Bar Or A Glass Of Wine

In this report:

  • The BEST way to control your cravings without having to starve yourself!
  • Why you possibly need to have a more protein packed diet.
  • How to find snacks that are healthy and 50 calories or less.
  • Find out why doing just 20 minutes of exercise will curb your cravings.


Dan Moore

Dear Inverness Resident,

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How can I improve my fitness and feel healthier?
  • I’m feeling low on energy - how can I find a different perspective to feel better?
  • How can I find time to workout and improve my nutrition?
  • How do I incorporate a new fitness regime into my busy lifestyle and feel part of close community?

If so, you’re in the right place...

Getting fit and healthy can be tough but with the right coaching team, community and accountability that consistently help you towards your health and fitness goals – it becomes much easier.

If you’re frustrated and unclear what to do next with your weight and fitness level and know you have the potential to get in the BEST shape of your life then we can help you so you’ll never struggle again to get fit and feel healthy.

Dan Moore Elite Training is led by fitness experts, who are considered the authority on getting everyday people in the BEST shape of their lives.

They are experts people go to when they need help with their own health, fitness, nutrition, mindset and wellbeing.

No matter what your current level of fitness is, if you live in Inverness, The Dan Moore Elite Training team can show you how to reclaim your body fast and achieve your health and fitness dreams.


Amazing motivation, support and friendship comes from the trainers and the rest of the group. This is why I would highly recommend Elite Training over a conventional gym any day. I have access to a nutrition plan that has transformed my outlook on food and therefore my life.


Coming back into a gym environment was a massive step for me both physically and mentally. I lost the use of my legs in April 2021. I was completely paralysed from the waist down. When I first came into the gym for a chat, Dan put me completely at ease with a brief chat about the gym, his family and ethos. He ran through a few basic techniques to see how the legs were working and we came up with a plan. The first few classes - safe to say i was petrified. But, everyone was so friendly, after a wee chat all nerves had completely gone out the window.
The exercises were altered to my capability (which wasn't much) and I fell in love with exercising again.
To compare how I was, to how I am now I can't quite believe it! Most importantly I am eventually comfortable within myself again and feel like I have got my 'spark' back. I honestly can't recommend DM Elite Training highly enough to do the team justice. Each and every one of them are incredible.


I have recently moved to Inverness and very much wanted to join a gym, even though I have found them in the past rather boring! However, luckily I saw Dan's advertisement and decided to give it a go. The best thing I have done since I moved here. A gym like no other. Everyone has been so welcoming and nice and there is no time at all to be bored as every session is full of action, using all different kinds of equipment, under the amazing supervision of any of the coaches. All of whom have been so kind and helpful should I not quite understand what's needed. I would totally recommend anyone, of any age, (I'm over 70) to come along and join the team and no-one need worry about either being on their own or worried about not knowing the equipment. Try it, be brave! I promise you won't regret it.



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